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Social media has come a long way. It is no more a source of entertainment for the teenagers. Rather has become a mainstream mode of marketing. Business from all industries, ranging from various sectors employ some or the other social media. Though employing social media to your advantage is not something that comes with ease. Although it costs close to nothing to own social media handles for an individual or a business. But using them to generate business is still a feature that is not understood by people at large.

In general, social media handles serve as a means to bring in exposure to your digital assets and platforms. These range from apps to websites. This further leads to links back to the applications; thereby bringing in value. It also sends signals to google verifying the social presence of your business.

Apart from creating a buzz for your business. The social media also works as a platform within itself to sell your products. For an instance, if you are familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. All these media facilitate monetary transactions for the actual selling. But that comes with a price and a learning curve. It takes hand-holding and a significant amount of time and energy to go about using them. Also, as many the platforms, the more the work.

This leaves one with the option to start off with just one of the social medium platforms to test the waters. Else things could turn cumbersome. The money invested could go down the lane. Also, the desired results would never be achieved........

The new Generation of Ads

For Paid Social Media Posts

Companies always search for new ideas of advertising which make them closer to customers.

They used to advertise through street banners after that they start to use radios then TV channels to be closer to customers, after that companies and individuals moved forward to use internet advertising because people use internet all the time, so they can be closer to people.

But people always afraid of new Ads and rarely venture buying the product or service because it reached them from strange source, but when it reaches them through friends they feel safe and trust it much more.

And here comes the role of Paid Post App to make the Ads reaches costumers through their social media friends, showing as if they are recommending it , which makes this Ad more safe and much more trusted to costumers.

So that Paid Post became the new generation of Ads.


How Paid Post Work?

  • Users will registers with our application and link their social media accounts.

  • individuals/Companies will prepare photos, video or linkofthe advertisement.

  • Now there are 2 ways of advertising on paid post.

1. Post Collector

Companies/individuals put their Ad in the post collector and set the criterions and the amount they will pay for each post, then the users picks their Ad.

Users will search for ads which they are eligible for and post it to take the credit that is already set by the advertiser.


2. Direct Request

Users will set the amount they would like to receive for posting on each social media account.

Companies/individuals will search for users with required criterionand choose who could post their Ad.

Users can chooseeither to accept or reject the post request.

In this way companies/individuals can add users to gropes , to send them post requests every time.

  • Users can convert their balance into real money, this is the concept of Bitcoin.


About Creative Ideas

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