Conditions and Provisions of Application "Paid Post"

1. All payment transactions shall be paid to and from United Arab Emirates, consequently, shall be subjected to the applicable laws and regulations in this State and any change in the laws shall be effective and user agreed on such changes.

2. Using the program, application or website is concession not a right.

3. All junior users residing at the place (usually who less than 18 years old), they should obtain permission from their parents, who shall be supervised directly by their parents, while using the program. If you are junior, you should inform your parent to read all the conditions and provisions and to agree on same before using the program or any of services.

4. No one of clients or users has the right to sue any claim against the company of the program or any of its employees or whom supervising the program or calling him for testimony or commitment or any type of taking legal actions inside or outside the State, and it is enough to leave or delete him from his account and not using the provided services from the program.

5. No one of client has the right to demand any amounts or allege of that balance is incorrect, minus or change same, whereas any amounts shall be paid within the program shall remain right due to the program, as paid value for the program services and it is enough to correspond with the company or program to solve the trouble.

6. Company or program management at all times and without giving prior notice has the right to change, free or delete or cancel the whole account or amend to same without any objection from the user , whereas the accounts and balances remain possessed right only to the program without any partner or any type of the partnerships whatsoever.

7. It is entirely forbidden to publish any political, threatening,instigative,sectarianism,racism or immoral,harassmentreleases or profane the other privacy or that may contain a lot of violence or dealing in drugs, gambling,prostitution o any sign legally forbidden, and both of the one who requesting the publication or the publisher (in the event of approval of publishing) shall expose to deleting the count or balance without any objection.

8. In the event of publishing any release breaching the law or breach any of terms or customs, the who requesting publication or publisher only shall bear all liability and company or program don't bear any liability.

9. It is not permitted to publish any illusive or fraud commercial advertisement or legally forbidden , in the event of occurring this the requesting party shall bear sole all liability as well as he shall be exposed to the dangerous and deleting the account and balance.

10. Using the corresponding system is not allowed in the program for purposes of advertising or propaganda.

11. Using any technology in the program for disturbing the other such as sending a lot of requests to same person or sending a lot of messages to same person or the management, sending unacceptable messages or photos, sending sequence messages or requests shall expose the account holder to the dangerous or deleting his account.

12. It is not allowed using breaching or covering same.

13. No one is entitled to access or entering to the program illegally, entering to the program files, abusing same or installing a program for dealing with the program, nodding off or using viruses or any type of penetration.

14. Using the external scripts or applications is not allowed to control the accounts or special programs for executing any operation or any matter relate to the program or application.

15. It is not allowed to decode cipher, dismantling the components, dismantling, or reversing the engineering of the programs consisting the website or forming any part of the website.

16. It is not allowed disconnect or establishing burden on the website , program or any of related services.

17. It is not allowed to use unauthorized use for the program services.

18. It is not allowed transmigrating to another personality.

19. Using any obtained information from program or website is not allowed to disturb, annoy or insult or cause damages to others or for purposes of advertising , selling or buying.

20. It is forbidden passing any of the procedures of the program or website

21. User is allowed to use only one account and any several accounts ( without excuse or special reason) may expose the user to the dangerous or deleting the account including his balances,

22. Providing any incorrect information upon requesting the payment, then user sole shall bear the default and its effects.

23. Program and application management is entitled to request any personal information or documents for proving the identity or truth of the provided information.

24. User undertakes to provide correct information for himself such as name, age, country and other information and providing any incorrect information shall be manipulation with the program credibility and expose the account holder to the dangerous.

25. Program management is entitled to abstain from transferring any balance without showing reasons, particularly, in the event of existing doubt relate to account theft or penetrationor penetrating the program or manipulation with balance or any way for obtaining the balance or manipulating with the payment or monies source from which the monies obtained whether as buying, selling or payment.

26. In most times monies transfer is only to the holder of the account, basing on the provided name in the program , applicationand residency country, telephone number and e-mail and other information, and program management may accept exceptions for transferring to other or refuse same.

27. In the event of minor users in the place they are residing (usually less than 18 years old) in most time transfer any amounts shall not be made to them, but shall be transferred to their parents only and proving identity must be made for every user or parent and proving its relationship, but program management is entitled to exclude for transferring to them.

28. User shall bear all payment or transfer charges whether mentioned or not, whereas transfer or payment shall be as provided services by the program or the mediator company, for which charges are payable, as well as these charges may change at any time without prior notice and user has no right to object on these charges or changes.

29. Credit cards or prepaid cards which shall be used by the user for payment through portals of the electronic payment on the program or its application or website itsproperty should be for the user himself, if same are possessed to another person, the user should use legally upon the consent of the card holder, if it is used illegally, then full liability shall be on the user only without any responsibility on the program or the program management.

30. Payment transactions which shall be made via draft, the property of the banking account should be for the user himself or upon legal consent of the banking account holder.

31. Payment transactions which shall be made by Western Union or other, user should be the one who made the transfer transaction.

32. Payment transaction via the electronic account such as pay pal or other, then the account property should be for the user or upon the legal consent of the account holder.

33. Upon paying by daft, you should wait until arriving the payment to the company account, before adding the balance, as well as the remaining costs and charges of banking transfer and difference or exchange rate shall be on the user's account.

34. Credit charge and demand drawing it to another country or other account is forbidden without using, this shall be one or the financial manipulation types, unless in special cases only and upon the program management consent, in this case 10% shall be deducted from the balance as charges and fees for the program management.

35. Financial manipulation or trickery shall the account holder's responsibility only.

36. Program as website or its applicationsis allowed to transfer the user to another website on the network; in this case, user agreed on that program management is not responsible for the contents of these pages completely.

37. Program at any time and without prior notice is entitled to stop any service whether in the payment system or draw system or amend any imposed fees or imposing new fees or cancelling same without any objection from the user.

38. The management is allowed to stop the service temporally or permanently without prior notice and at any time.

39. For using the program services you should agree on all the conditions and provisions and in case of disagreement on any term of these terms, you are not allowed to used any of the services or dealing with same by any way or even accessing to the program or browsing it.

40. These terms and provisions apply on the program and all of its branches such as website, applications, android, I Phone, I Pad or connected mobile to the browsers or others.

41. User is entitled to use the balance without the program only or demand drawing the balance, and it not entitled to demand paying to other, paying for services outside the program, transferring the balance to other authorities or sell same to others.

42. Program management is entitled to terminate the agreement from its part at any time without prior notice or showing reasons or causes.

43. Upon approving publishing or republishing , then this shall be agreement between the one requesting the publishing or the publisher, the responsibility for the content before publishing shall be on the one who requesting the publishing , and the responsibility after consent on the publishing shall be on both parties, without any responsibility on the program management.( commercial trickery liability , if any, shall be on the one who requesting the publishing only)

44. In the event of arising disputes , then user agree and acknowledge that entering any restrictions or microfilm or microfiche or computer records form valid effective evidence, enforce, comprehensive and absolute, and user assigns advance for all types of objections on any of the records.

45. In the event of any of terms found illegal, not enforceable or invalid for any reason, then this term shall be indivisible from the remaining terms and will not affect on the validity and enforceability of remaining terms.

46. Program management is entitled to publish any information whether personal or general related to the user or republish any of his releases at any time without prior notice and to read the its content or republish any of his releases, comments, photocopying them or republishing same or his quotations.

47. Program management is entitled to publish on the accounts, pages and users' groups in the social media in any time without prior notice or read its content or republish any part of them or quoting from them.

48. It is forbidden to delete or hide any of the releases have been published through the program or website, doing this shall expose to the deletion the balance in full or deleting the account.

49. It is forbidden to change the content of the release or amend, add or delete from it.

50. All release that may be published by the user through the program or website should or are in the status of (General) and it is forbidden to select status of (me only) or (Private).

51. It is forbidden to loading photos or videos with overloading sizes on the website and acceptance these files shall be determined by the program management only ( whereas they may be loaded on external website by using the link only).

52. Program management is entitled to amend the prepared releases in the program before or after sending the publishing requests to other, or before or after agree on them.

53. Program management is entitled to delete the lazy accounts at any time.

54. Arabic version of the conditions and provisions is the approved basis, some of them may be translated to other languages, and consequently, any difference in the translation or meaning of any language, the referring shall be to the Arabic language only and approving it and retranslate it in the proper form.

55. User agree that program management shall liaise with him by any way whether by telephone, mobile, e-mail or via website or social media and with receive promotion emails from the company.

56. user agree that program management or other users ( who send publishing requests) shall follow the releases on the social media accounts for making sure of existing same and such shall not be considered as violation to the privacy.